How It All Began

“If you add the ingredient of passion and love into your cooking recipe, even the simplest dish can excite the palate and satisfy the stomach.” Those were the words of a man who delivered the best Nasi Lemak I have ever tasted in my life. It was on that day that I stumbled upon a simple eatery that was run by this unassuming man. From that day on, I fell in love with his food and would be there almost every day for lunch.

One day, he told me that he was shutting down the eatery. I shook my head in disbelief. I still wanted to eat his Nasi Lemak. More importantly, I wanted others to be able to savour his dishes that was cooked with passion and love. That was how we became partners. Who is this man? He is Uncle Lim!  

MTak Cheong


At Uncle Lim, we are immensely proud & passionate about our job. It gives us joy to be able to deliver fresh & delicious food at it's peak to you.


Being able to be bring some form of Happiness into your daily life gives us the motivation & strength to do even better!

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